Change of Name

Hi Fans of Doust Photography,

I have decided to rename and rebrand my photography company and will be changing to Luminous Depictions as my new Company/Brand Name. Facebook themselves have blocked the name change on this Page but I'm appealing this and hoping that it goes through. If not I'll be starting a new page and also sending out new invites for those that want to follow over.

Stay posted and I'll be uploading some great new shots soon. New focus will be on Glamour, Cosplay, Landscape and Abstract Photography.

And don't forget, bookings and enquiries are always welcome!

Lollipop Chainsaw Shoot BTS

The day we shot this series was a public holiday so we took full advantage of the empty carparks at the local shopping centre. Tiffany has done some amazing work on her cosplay and has given me some awesome subject matter to shoot with, and in saying that, we plan to do a lot more shoots in the future!